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About SPOTops


This site is devoted to both technical and the expressive faces of visual art, those ever-present aspects of making and using any image.

On the technical side, the use of SPOT System notation is considered as a digital means of expressing and manipulating shape characteristics of imagery. Occasionally we jump, grasshopper-like, out into other areas of techne/art as well: linguistics/writing, sound/music, especially in relation to roles of imagery and imagining within human culture and a greater context wherefrom humans derive intimations of "meaningfulness" within the universe. The SPOT section is devoted to technical aspects of image work while in the Salon are found works of art and information about some people who make and enjoy them.

The SPOTops slogan arises from Ernst Cassirer's observation, in his Philosophy of Symbolic Forms, that the fundamental task of every individual is "to make sense of the senses." So, you see, SPOT Operations would like to embrace it all, from the innermost whisper of private prospect to fully comprehensive dimensions of all that there is, was, or ever maybe. Both extensional and intentional aspects of consciousness — the entire universe of imaginal being.

So. Welcome to SPOT operations. Come in, get settled in your own little spot. We're pleased to have you among us, helping us all make sense of our senses.

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